Friday, October 26, 2012

Whats in the Bag...?!?! And Day #26 of Blogtoberfest!

What could possibly be in the bag?!?!?!

It looks exciting....everyone wants to take a look! 

Could it be fabric, or pretty clothes, or a special treat....?

Oh MY!!  Its SCOCKS!!! Tonnes and Tonnes and Tonnes and Tonnes of mismatched socks! 
Enough to buid a pile and have a three year old jump on.....
(it doesn't take much to entertain my kids!!)

Time to get sorting! 
Mr C had his own idea of how he was going to sort the socks.  I kept having to tackle him, empty the bag and let him go on his merry sock hunting day.  Who needs candy at Easter, apparently all this little guys needs to be happy is random socks and a paper bag!  ;)

I had both the girls try to identify their own socks and I am working on teaching them to put their own clothes away.  I did wind up doing most of the sorting but I'm hoping they are learning along the way.   

Socks and clothes in general are the bane of my existence in my house (along with paper!).  With five people its amazing how quickly the mismatched sock bag/bin/bucket can get. I'm on a mission to make my house a home and with that I need to figure out better organizing ideas AND get into the purging spirit!  After I clean out the next two bedrooms I'm going to do one more sock sort and whatever is left over in the mismatched sock bag/bin/box will be getting tossed and I'll start the missmatch sock bin over again and hopfully it will be better contained.
On a sewing note - its the Friday Night Sew in tonight and you can sign up here for tonights sew in.  I'm hoping to get my Domestic Handbag quilt sanwiched this evening! 


  1. A bag full of socks looks like a lot of fun! :)

  2. Who needs expensive toys or teaching tools when you have a bags for of socks. :o)

    You're kids are at a good age to teach to help out with household chores. When our kids were that age... I had a basket for each of them and I folded their clothes into the baskets as I took them out of the dryer. Then the older ones took their laundry baskets upstairs and put their own laundry away. It didn't take long for our youngest to decide he wanted to do that too. I had to help out of course... but they all loved feeling like they were helping around the house and responsibilities.


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