Monday, October 29, 2012

The Tooth Fairy Came to Visit Us - and Day #29 of Blogtoberfest

My dear sweet Miss S lost her FOURTH tooth yesterday - she only turned 5 in September and has already lost FOUR teeth (again, who said she could grow up so fast?!?!).

She and I were at a birthday party yesterday for one of her school friends and I kept getting her to wiggle her tooth since I really wanted it out today rather than it coming out tomorrow or the next day at school and having the possibility of it getting lost.  Yes I am one of those Moms that keep my kids teeth (or should I say that the tooth fairy lets me keep them) and I put them in her Memory Box.  My Mom did this with our teeth and I used to love looking at how tiny my teeth used to be.

Miss S managed to keep her tooth for the birthday party but on the way out to Grandma and Grandpas I asked her how her tooth was and she said it was wiggly - then right after she said that she got all excited and said 'my tooth is in my hand!!!'.

I didn't get a picture of her tooth in her hand since we were driving but I did take a picture of it in my hand - its SO tiny!!

Now my beautiful little girl gets to embark upon the 'gap smile' phase!

The Tooth Fairy made her rounds last night and brought Miss S a shiny new Toonie (our Canadian two dollar coin) in exchange for her tooth.  She was SO EXCITED when she woke up to find tooth gone and her money in her tooth fairy house.  So in her piggy bank the money goes and her tooth is safely with the Tooth Fairy (aka in moms jewllery box until I put it in her memory box with the others).

Day #29 of Blogtoberfest is done!  Only two more months and its done until next year!

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  1. Wow! A tooth lost at 5 years of age. My children and grandchildren always worried because they were among the last to lose their tooth, usually around age 9. Yep, just two more days left in Blogtoberfest. Almost done!


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