Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Snow Day!! Day #24 of Blogtoberfest!

Old Man Winter has come to visit with a vengeance pretty early this year!  We woke up to this yesterday and got a little bit more during the day.....

...and yes we forgot to take the patio cushions in before it snowed...hopefully they'll dry out soon and we can take them into the shed before the next snow!

Miss L was quite happy with the snow after a few minutes.  It took her a bit to get used to the white stuff again after a summer of sunshine.

Miss S was SO happy to get outside and start digging.  Between sand or snow she is most happy when shes able to dig in SOMETHING!!  

I couldn't resist doing a snow angel - and when you are in super warm snow pants (that are my husbands since I couldn't find mine) and a really nice warm jacket its rather pleasant to be surrounded by so much soft fluffy snow.

Miss L and I decided to take a moment to ponder the beautiful snow whilst sitting in the kids chairs, she was amazed that I could fit in her sisters chair (and to be honest - so was I).  ;)  

Mr C was NOT impressed at all with his first snow experience.  It wasn't even that cold - only -7C or so, but he was horrified of the snow and pretty much howled the whole 10 minutes he was outside.  Perhaps we are going to have to rethink our family tobogganing plans this winter or at least make sure he gets lots of backyard practicing in before we take him to the sledding hill by our house.  

They are saying its supposed to be +10C or so by Monday of next week so this round of snow won't be sticking around for very long and for that I'm thankful!  Mr Quiltapotamus needs to put my winter tires on and clean out the garage so I can park in there again!  This whole brushing snow off my van when I have a garage is the ultimate in silliness!

Day #24 of Blogtoberfest is done - thank you for stopping by and I will see you tomorrow!

On a side note, I have changed the sizing of my pictures - is anyone having any issues with the sizing showing up on their screen?  I'd really appreciate any feedback.  Thank you so much!  

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