Friday, October 19, 2012

Trunk Show Pictures and Day #19 of Blogtoberfest!!!

Last night was our monthly Calgary Modern Quilting Guild meeting and as I promised yesterday in my blog post that I would show the amazing quilts that Cheryl Arkison and I tried my best to take pictures of EVERY SINGLE ONE!!  They are all from her book Sunday Morning Quilts.

I LOVE them all....what an amazing collection of quilts that she and her co-author designed and created.    I haven't got the book so I am unable to tell you what they all are called although I do remember some of the names but not all, sorry!  I am so buying the book next time we have our guild meeting!

And I apologize for how close up I was for almost all of these pictures - I was pretty much front row and was great for viewing but not so good for pictures.  

First up was this gem: Very mod and I love the unicorns in the middle row!

Next up was a very light quilt - I wish I remembered the name, it was so fitting for this quilt.  Beautiful!!!

I do remember the name of this one - Grass!  She does almost all of her own quilting and this one was so neat because she quilted 'grass' peaks in all the white space.  Very neat.

I remember the name of this one - Pyramid!  It was stunning - triangles scare me but she said that they aren't too hard.....I may have to attempt one of these!

Pyramid again but in a different colorway but using the same templates.

Such a bright and beautiful quilt!!  She does the neatest piecing technique and I cannot wait to get the book and learn how she does it!

This was a fantastic little quilt - I loved the applique!

I think that this was my FAVORITE!  I love how bright it is, I love the colors, I love the dimensions of it.....!  I - MUST - MAKE - THIS!!

There you have it!  The quilts that I remembered to take a picture of when Cheryl was showing them.  They were all so beautiful and I cannot wait to get the book so I can attempt to make one or more of these beautiful quilts.

Thanks for stopping by - Day number 19 of Blogtoberfest is DONE!  Tomorrow I'm off to the
Creative Stitches quilting and scrap-booking show at the Stampede Grounds and hopefully will take in a class or two with a friend!


  1. You are SO busy! Thanks for sharing all these marvelous quilt photos. Those "Sunday Morning Quilts" are so pretty.

  2. WOW!!! I totally want a copy of that book too! Do you know if its in bookstores?


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