Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Note to my Followers

Back in January of 2011 when I started my Blog, I was telling my sister that I actually had 8 followers (4 of those people I didn't know and none of them was my Mother!) and she kind of poked fun at me and said "see there are 4 people in this world that don't know you but still care about what you have to say about quilting".  

After she said that I wound up turning it into a game. Each and EVERY time I have gained a new follower my Sister receives a text message from me letting me know that I have another follower.  As of today I am up to 52, which means that over the past almost two years my Sister has received 48 text messages that say that one more person cares about what I write.  Usually its something along the lines of "XX's followers now - Oh YEAH" but it stil

I know that so many people have stopped Following people because of the whole Google Friend connect thing going away but it truly makes my day when someone takes the time to Follow me.

To all of you that have clicked on the Follow button for me - THANK YOU.  You have made my day, and got me to text my sister!  ;)

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