Friday, October 12, 2012

Fabric Accumulation - and Day #12 of Blogtoberfest!!

When a friend sends out an e-mail and says "Hi Quilty Friends - I'm selling a ton of my fabric!!" I don't tend to let an opportunity to get amazing fabric for a great price!!  I met with my friend Heather (who also has a blog: Creative Confessions) at her house with my three kids and we went through a ton of her amazing, beautiful lovely fabric.   She is into the traditional fabric: Jo Morton, 1930's reproduction....that sort of thing and it just so happens that is some of my absolutely favorite kind of fabric too!!!

OH MY GOODNESS - she had so much fabric and all of it was absolutely lovely.  I could have spent all day there and been quite happy to just touch it all!  Aren't we quilters a funny bunch - or maybe its just me?!?! 

I tried to stick to a color scheme although the fat quarter bundle was so awesome I just couldn't let it get away!  The red/pink/cream coloring is a reoccurring theme that you will see over the next few pictures.

Next up is some more of the red/pink/cream with a little green that snuck in - SO lovely!  Most of these are 1 meter cuts with a few 1.5 and two are 2 meters.

I had wanted to do a blue quilt but when I saw these green fabrics I could picture using them in a few different ways so I grabbed them too.

I have an on going obsession with Charm packs - they are so fantastic for quick little projects or a small quilt.  The fat eight bundle was right up my alley with the creams, reds and browns.

To balance all that color out I found some really nice neutrals that will go with pretty much any fabric that I own and I am very much looking forward to making use of these!!

Have I mentioned before how much I love kits?!!  I love how the fabric is already picked out, how its easy to cut and how sometimes its so nice to have so much of the work (for me that's picking fabric out) done for you.  Both kits are for small quilts and three of the patterns are for full sized quilts and one is for a really cute thread catcher to put by your machine. 

I couldn't leave without picking out some funky fabric (after all what is life without a little funkyness?!?!)  My oldest, Miss S, picked out the red fabric.  Its super pretty Asianésque.  The second one down will go with pretty much any color and was just so darn cheery, the third one down is pink pink pink!  It has little cats in purses, cats in carriages and cute little bags - I figured Miss L would love a doll blanket made out of that fabric.  On the bottom is a beautiful paisley print that is on a corduroy fabric - all I can think of is making a super cute tote or purse out of it!

Here it is - everything that I could get out the door with and not completely break the bank!  I cannot WAIT to dig into it and see how well this fabric matches with the fabric that I already have. 

Thanks for stopping by! I hope everyone has a fabulous Friday and I will see you again tomorrow! 


  1. What a great stash! Lucky you :)

  2. What a fun day you had at your friend's going through her stash. WTG!

  3. Does your friend live anywhere near me? hahahaha How fun!


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