Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Unusual Alberta Wildlife

I live on the edge of the city and I'm used to seeing gophers, mice, hearing coyotes at night outside my back fence but when I was taking out the garbage this morning I almost stepped on this:

You can't really tell, but its a gecko.  Hes protecting himself since as hard as I tried not to, I think I stepped on the very edge of his tail (and I still feel really bad!!) and so he is curled up in a ball.  I'm pretty sure hes ok since he was long gone when I came back to check on him 5 minutes after I took these pictures.   His head is in the very middle and the rest of his body is curled around himself.  He was probably the size of my fist - the girls thought it was pretty cool from a distance!

Thats it thats all for today.  No sewing got done at all this afternoon or evening, we were at a playplace with some friends this morning and that pretty much tuckered us all out so it was a quiet day in the Quiltapotamus household and sometimes that is a beautiful thing!

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