Friday, October 28, 2011

Bedazzled Vase - 4 year old style...!

A few weeks ago my sister gave me a box full of old glass beads, seashells and various trims that she didn't need or want to move (so she knew packrat me the 'craft hoarder' would pounce on it!) and I've been wracking my brain trying to figure out what to do with everything and then it dawned on me - I could bedazzle a vase for a craft project with Miss S!!

We started with little bud vase that I got years ago that doesn't get used very often.

Once we laid out all the flat marbles Miss S picked her favourites and we put them in bowls so she could hand them to me so I could hot glue gun them onto the vase.

The first few rows actually looked pretty cool.

Then Miss S went to town with the round marbles in addition to the flat ones - it added some interesting texture to the vase but she LOVED it!!!

All and all the vase didn't turn out how I thought it would (I was leaning more towards just using the flat marbles but Miss S had other plans) but Miss S is thrilled with it and it will have a place of honor on top of her dresser maybe holding a fake flower or something.  Its super heavy so I don't want her to play with it too much since all it will take is one fall and I could totally see broken toes so its up high and out of her reach.

I still have a TON of marbles left, I think we might decorate a dollar store picture frame with them next week.  Nothing beats a cheap craft!

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  1. It might not have turned out exactly as you would have like it but the look on Miss S's face says it all ..... it's gorgeous. Looks like she had a ball making it


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