Monday, August 8, 2011

Tumbling Rubies - Newest quilt on the go!!!

I haven't been sewing much (at all!) the last little bit - between being VERY pregnant, really sore, and exhausted I haven't been able to get much sewing done.  I'm on the final stretch and have less than two weeks to go (Due date is August 18th) so I figure if I can get through these next 10 or so days I'll be able to get back at the sewing thing in a little bit once life gets somewhat back to normal - or at least less crazy than it will be right after the baby is born!!!  

I fell in love with some Ruby fat eighths fabric by Bonnie and Camille from Moda a few weeks ago at my local quilt shop and have been dreaming about turning this fabric into a 3 1/2" tumbler quilt since I brought it home.  The fat eighths were AWESOME for cutting - all I had to do was iron them, fold them in quarters and slide it through my Accuquilt.   

The only downside to the Accuquilt is the scraps - sometimes I feel the leftovers are a bit much BUT that being said I LOVE the fact that all the cuts are uniform.  I'm going to go through the scraps in a little bit and see if I can cull some of the big pieces and be able to put them in my scrap pile and then toss the super small scraps (I keep telling myself its not hoarding.....its saving expensive fabric for another project that I don't have figured out yet!!!).

My cute little tumbler pile - soooo cute!!!  I am getting 12 tumblers from each fat quarter and I cut up 12 fat eighths so I have 144 tumblers already.  I know that I am cutting WAY more tumblers than I need for this quilt but I figure that I can either make a few little throw pillows to go with it or make two small lap quilts for Christmas gifts.  I was also thinking that maybe I could make some cute doll blankets for the girls babies that they keep carting around in preparation for their little brothers arrival lately!  

I still have 24 more fat eighths to cut through but they'll be waiting for me to cut another day!!

I just had to share this:  We had my youngest daughters birthday party last weekend and her auntie and uncle gave her a gift in a huge bag - leave it up to her big sister to put it on her head and run around the living room with it on!!  

Thanks for stopping by - hopefully I'll be able to post again soon - and maybe with some baby news!!!!
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