Saturday, October 1, 2011

Organizing - one drawer at a time!!

My time at my sewing machine - and my attempts at my serger -  has been few and far between lately.  I have a lovely sewing nook set up in the basement but since its an unfinished space its pretty cold down there and baby C doesn't like to be cold, even bundled up he doesn't last long downstairs without expressing his extreme displeasure!!.   So rather than abandon my Blog on my off sewing days I figure I can still keep you entertained with my other exploits....even if it happens to be as square as some of my organization!!  

I am attempting to get my house in order since it looks like a bomb went off in it lately.  With three kids and a shift working husband I figure if I have to tackle it one drawer a time then thats what I'm going to do!!  I managed to have a free few minutes while the baby was sleeping an the girls were drawing and my "where the heck do I put this" drawer has been driving me nuts lately. I managed to do a pretty good 'quick clean' and got rid of a TON of stuff I don't use and freed up a bunch of space!  And who doesn't love more space in the kitchen (especially when its a small kitchen!)

The middle drawer is the "towels, cookie cutters, klippo holders, apron keeper, a place for bibs, battery keeper, and what else can I throw in here" drawer!  

The BEFORE - a disorganized clutterfest of bibs, IKEA klippos, cookie cutters, towels, games, aprons, bibs.....and pretty much anything else that I find in the kitchen that won't fit in the cutlery or utensil drawer.  

SEVENTY SEVEN small Klippos - what exactly does one do with that many bag clips?!  It always seems like when I'm looking for any of the big ones they are nowhere to be found so when I hit IKEA I pick up another package. Too bad they have 20 small clips and like 5 big ones in each package, who uses the little clips - its the big ones people like to use! Are you listening IKEA?!?!  Anyways, I managed to pare that down to 15 small Klippos and 15 big ones, and recycled the rest.  It killed me to get rid of all the extra ones but I need to get into the de-cluttering spirit and I recycled them so that must count for something! 

The finished product!  It makes me happy - I just hope we can keep it up!  Unfortunately I have already had to take out the snack box since my two year old helped herself to two granola bars and three fruit snacks in one afternoon!  So the snacks are back up in the high cupboards away from Miss L's pilfering!  

I'm hoping to get some sewing done over the next two weeks when my husband is off - he can get a little cuddle time in with baby C when the girls are sleeping and I can get a tiny bit of quality time with my sewing machines.

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  1. you have to start somewhere right? I hope you get some sewing time in :)


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