Friday, October 7, 2011

Matchbox Car Can Keeper

Yesterday Miss S and I made a Matchbox Car Can Keeper (try saying that 5 times fast!!) to keep the girls toy cars in.  Every once in a while I bust out the masking tape and make a roadway/city on the floor in the living room - the girls love it!!  I do find it funny that always play 'parking lot' or 'garage' rather than using the roads as roads but hey as long as they are playing and not watching TV I'm all over that!!

I recently just went through my humungous tub if dishwashing detergent and was left with this really big can.  Of course I could hear my husband yelling in my ear THROW IT OUT but I just couldn't - it was screaming to be made into something cool.  Originally I had thought it would be cool to make a prettied up garbage can for my sewing room but then I took one look at the 10 matchbox cars on my living room floor and decided that the cars needed a better home than my garbage!!

I took the can and measured out enough fabric to hot glue gun and wrap the entire can and have a little space left over on the top and bottom to finish the edges off.  Miss S helped me smooth the edges out with the popsicle sticks that are to the right (pay no attention to the gong-show mess thats happening on the left hand side of my kitchen island).

There is plenty of room for more cars - I figure once we organize the toy room in the basement we'll find at least 10 more cars in the depths of the toy bins!

The completed Car Can Keeper!!

So far after a day of the girls playing with it, its still in once piece!!

Yippie - Day 7 of blogtoberfest is done!!  24 more days to go - good thing I keep adding to my blogtober list otherwise I'd be drawing a blank in a few days!!   I keep getting messages from other bloggers that are doing Blogtoberfest and its AWESOME to know there are others out there like me with their lists and I'm not the only one out there thats not ashamed to admit it!! 

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