Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ruffled Pant - Redemption, kind of....!

First of I want to say thank you to everyone that sent me a message or commented on my Epic Fail post from yesterday!  Your encouragement means a lot to me!

Another day brings a new perspective.  Once Miss S put the pants on and they had some movement and life to them I found myself liking them a little more.  I still haven't topstitched the top part of the hem since I wasn't sure if the seam ripper was going to make an appearance but I think the seam ripper will stay put away for now.   The top stitching will help the top of the seam lay flatter so they don't balloon out and that might help them with the finished look too.

Please - pay no attention to the different colored toe nail polish!!
Miss S and her Auntie had some fun last weekend and Miss S couldn't decide
between red or blue polish so she went with one foot of each!!!  ;)

I tried to get an 'action shot' of Miss S wearing her pants - this was all the action I could muster out of her today:

I think someone might be getting a touch of Mommy's sickness, poor muffin.

Miss L has a few pairs of jeans that are almost too short but the 3T jeans that she has are HUGE (why aren't there 2.5T clothes?!?!) so I might attempt to do another ruffled jean hem in the next few days.  Until then I will be watching some more YouTube and reading a few tutorials to see if I can make it work next time!

Thanks again for all your encouragement!

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  1. I think they look great! I remember doing that with my daughter years ago. I hope she isn't getting sick, poor thing.


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