Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Adorable "Medical" Christmas Wreaths

I wish I could take credit for the wreaths that I saw today at the lab while I was waiting for some blood work to be done but alas I can't.  I also wish I didn't look like the CRAZY lady taking pictures of Christmas decorations in a waiting room but I just couldn't help it - they were so cute!!

When I commented on the decorations to the lab tech, she said that they were given the go-ahead to decorate the lab BUT they couldn't spend any money, and all supplies they used either had to be previously used or expired.  I think they made some amazing things with some discarded laboratory supplies!

I noticed this one right away - they are the used 'orange drink' containers from the Glucose fasting test you have to take at 35 weeks of pregnancy - I remember that horrible tasting drink well! 

This one was paper cups and blood vials.

This last one was my favourite - those are pee jars!!  How genius!  

There were a bunch more decorations on the walls but I had already gotten some seriously strange looks taking the first three pictures and didn't want to encourage any more weird stares especially since I wasn't sure how long I was going to be waiting in the waiting room for.

Its nice to see that even in a really busy lab, they were able to take the time to decorate for the holidays and it looked fantastic.  

Thanks for stopping by - see you tomorrow!

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