Thursday, May 9, 2013

Whats Up on my Design Wall - and Possible Sewing Machine News!

I love seeing what everyone has up on their design wall and I thought it would be fun to share what I have on the go on Mondays (or whatever day I can get around to taking a picture of my wall!).  

Right now its a total mix of a bunch of stuff that I have going on.  The top left is an orphan block that I did for a color theory lesson at our Modern Quilt Guild meeting.  The random funky blocks are my Modern Monday (or Manic Monday as I think I will call the quilt) blocks the large purple block was me playing with pinwheels a few years ago and I just found the blocks the other day and the bottom two white blocks are just stitching projects in different phases of completion.

I may have some big news tomorrow - I might be getting a new sewing machine!!!  My Brother NX-650 has been a fantastic little machine as I learned how and got into quilting.  Now that I am getting a little better and want to improve my quilting skills I've decided it might be time to get a new machine.  My Brother pieces really well, I cannot get it to give me decent stitches when I machine quilt.  I don't do anything fancy (yet) but even when doing long straight stitches my tension was horrible and my machine kept skipping stitches.  I know part of this is operator issues, but I also know that the small throat plate doesn't help when I'm trying to smush a medium sized quilt through!

If I do wind up biting the bullet at the store today I'll do a few posts on getting to know my new machine!

Thanks for stopping by - see you soon!

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