Saturday, October 15, 2011

Cousins & Stickers & Sewing

Its not even three o'clock and we've had an awesome day so far!  My SIL brought the cousins over for Miss S and Miss L to play with and Baby C got some Auntie snuggles in for a few hours.

After Miss L went down for her nap Miss S and I got to work on her Tinkerbell Sticker book that I've had hiding for months, she found it the other day and has been on me to play with it ever since.

After working on a few pages together I figured while shes busy with the sticker book, Miss L and Baby C are both napping that maybe, just maybe I could get some sewing in!!

I posted a month ago about my lovely sewing room thats in the unfinished basement but it seems like I've gravitated back upstairs with some of my stuff.  Its too cold in the basement for Baby C and I haven't been able to get any actual sewing done in a while so I figured today was the day to bring my Brother back upstairs and get some of the Tumbling Rubies quilt done.

My view from my machine as I sew and Miss S worked on her sticker book:

I managed to get two more rows done before Baby C woke up and demanded some food.

The more I do of this quilt the more I love it - but I still have issues with the randomness (and judging from some of the comments I got on my last post, I'm not the only one that has issues putting the 'random' in a random quit top) but I figure the more rows I do the more chances I have to mix things around to get the right amount of randomness. I think I need at least five more rows to get this quilt to the right size for a lap quilt if not maybe seven more rows, I'll play it by ear ('cause thats what I do best!) and see what looks the best as I go along.

We are in talks with a general contractor to develop our basement, hopefully by Christmas I'll have a nice warm comfy sewing nook in a fully developed basement!!  Then Baby C can hang out with me in the comfort of a nice warm basement - until then I'm just going to keep taking over the kitchen table. ;)


  1. Nice!!!! Just gotta go with what works :) I like the randomness!

  2. That is going to be a beautiful quilt, I really like it! I don't think I've seen a quilt made with those..what happens on the edges? Since it's not straight.. Guess I could just google it :)


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