Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pay it Forward Challenge - COMPLETE!!

I was sitting at the table this afternoon with the girls after lunch, Miss L was coloring and Miss S was painting so I figured why not try to finish my little Tissue Holders at the table with the girls since they were close by and otherwise occupied.
It only took a minute before Miss S wanted to 'help' and after a few seconds of trying to figure out how to keep a 3 year old from hurting herself while helping me sew she figured out that she could help me lower my sewing foot and I could lift it each time I sewed a line.   Miss L kept coloring but would start dancing each time I was sewing - apparently a sewing machine has a good beat for an 18 month old to groove to!  It was AWESOME to share sewing with the girls and I loved the fact that they were so happy to hang out with me and want to help.  I'm wracking my brain to see what little projects I can have stashed away that they can 'help' me.

I can't find my big camera and the little one is dead so no pictures of the final products yet (plus I don't want to spoil the surprise for my 5 friends that will be waiting for the tissue holders in the mail!).

Thanks for stopping by The Purple Quiltapotamus! ;)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Pay it Forward Challenge - Tissue Holders! So cute!

So I finally got motivated to pull out the sewing machine after over a month hiatus and I forgot how much I LOVE sewing!  I love figuring out what to make, what fabric to use, the right sizes to cut....even though it totally stresses me out!

I made Tissue Holders for my Pay it Forward Challenge - I thought they would be cute in a purse or diaper bag and who doesn't love a cute funky print?!

After two screw ups cutting the big squares I was ready to go, up until I had to 'stitch in the ditch' for one of the binding strips.  Not really knowing what I was doing I decided to WING IT - nope, not the best thing to do when sewing since it usually involves seam ripping but I wound up lucking out and not screwing up anything too bad!

I've made two holders so far and have four more to go but I just HAD to post my work.....I think they are so I need to figure out how to post pictures!  Please stick with me while I learn my way around!

Thanks for stopping by The Purple Quiltapotamus.

Friday, January 28, 2011

The New Blog!!!

I'm not quite sure what I'm getting into with this whole blog thing!!  I wanted a place to share what I'm working on with my friends and family (and anyone else thats wanting to stop by!).  I'm trying to figure out the whole Blogging universe so things might change over the next little bit until I figure out what I like and what works best for me!
Hopefully I can set this thing up shortly and then begin to share some of my Work in Progresses.
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