Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Basement developing goodness...

Well its October 19th - 19 days into Blogtober and after helping my husband move 80% of the toys, sewing stuff, and extra junk out of the basement to the garage I'm too tired to think of anything witty or craft today!!

We are getting our basement developed over the next few weeks (can I get a whoot whoot!??!) so all of my sewing stuff - fabric stash, rulers, cutters, extra sewing machines.....everything - has been banned to the garage for the next few weeks. I managed to keep my Tumbling Rubies quilt from getting packed away but  the majority of my stuff has made its way to spend the next few weeks in the chilly garage.

On the flip side once the basement is done I'll actually have a fully finished, WARM and cozy sewing nook to call my very own .  Am I excited - oh yes I am!!!

I did take some before pictures today but I'll post them tomorrow once the framing is done.

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