Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ruffled Pant EPIC FAIL...! :(

My wonderful husband bought Miss S some new jeans for school last month and the little weed has already almost grown out of them. I thought I would try to upcycle an old skirt of Miss L's and see if I could get some more lenght and use out of Miss S's new pants.  I have been eyeballing some super cute ruffled pants on Etsy for the last few weeks and thought - hey how hard can it be?!  Well apparently they are hard!!

The more I think about my first attempt at making Miss S a pair of Ruffled pants the more I see it as an epic fail.  I messed up on a few things but on the bright side I have LEARNED MY LESSON and need to work on making proper ruffles before I attempt to sew them onto pants!  The pathetic ruffles I did have didn't translate when I sewed them on and I have tubes on the bottoms of the pants.  ;(

I took one of Miss L's old skirts that don't fit her anymore and used that as the ruffle since it already had a rolled hem on it.  Plus I loved the fabric and wanted to see it being used again!

The pants from afar:

I don't like how the ends are longer than the middle, I'm not a big fan of the flatness of the 'ruffle' BUT I'm going to reserve the final judgement until Miss S wakes up tomorrow morning and tries them on.

Ugh, the more I look at these pants the more I just want to go eat some chocolate and call it a day!

On the bright side, I actually sewed 2 days in a ROW!  And both things I sewed were completely new and something I had never done before. Yeay me!


  1. You only fail when you give up or you don't learn anything from the experience.. Are you going to try again?

  2. Nope I won't be giving up on my ruffled pants!! They will not defeat me...! I just need to watch a few more tutorials and not try to get it done fast. I love the look of them when they are done right and with my little girly girls I'm sure they would each love a pair or two of these.

  3. Glad you're not going to give up. Actually I like them ... love the idea. I hate to be defeated by anything and won't let most things get the better of me.

  4. I have learned a great deal from watching tutorials on You Tube. Hang in there and don't give up:)

  5. Well, even if it did not come out perfectly, it is still and always will be a labor of love - S will always be very lucky!It is not only the month for Halloween, but breast cancer awareness month!!! Treat yourself or a loved one because you care! I am just stopping by with a reminder to do your self breast exam.
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