Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Hundreds of Blog Posts - in my head

Hi - remember me? 

Its been months, LOTs of months actually since I have sat down and blogged, more like a year and a half.  Lots of time has passed and I have probably ''written' hundreds of blog posts in my head but never got around to writing them down here. 

I'm tired of beating myself up for not posting things (or doing a ton of stuff in general!) but I feel like I need an outlet for my creative voice (and my various "other" voices) to come out and talk - so here I am.  I feel like I have reached a point where I need to get back to ME, I need to get back to doing some things that give me Joy rather than feeling like everything is a Job.    I know I can't lay on a beach and eat bon-bons all day, as much as I would love to, but I can get myself refocused on what I enjoy doing and maybe share some of that with you all. 

With that, I hear two little ones starting to bicker upstairs so its back to my most important role I go, time to be Mom.  Hopefully this afternoon I can get a quick bit of sewing done and be able to share it with you all. 

Thanks for stopping by,


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