Sunday, October 23, 2011

2 Months old!

Wow - its amazing how fast time goes by!!  Two months ago today we welcomed our wonderful little man, Baby C, into our family and made it complete.

With my oldest I had a tradition of taking her picture every month with a big bear to watch her grow and change over her first year.  I decided to do that same tradition with Baby C with a hippo stufftie that his Aunties gave him for his baby shower.

I think hes a pretty sweet little guy...well maybe not so little.  He weighed in at a nice healthy 12 pound 8 ounces this past Thursday at his check up!!  Hes my little chunky little monkey and I wouldn't change him for the world.


  1. What a sweetie! Although he looks a bit unimpressed with your plan:)

  2. What a perfect little munchkin!!

  3. Aw, what a cutie! I remember when mine was that small.. *sniff* Now he just turned 5!


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