Sunday, October 16, 2011

Tumbling Rubies - two days in a row!

My strategy of not putting my sewing stuff away off the table until I finish the Tumbling Rubies quilt top seems to be working.  I managed to sit down and sew two days in a row and actually got ALL 15 rows of my Tumbling Rubies quilt top finished this afternoon.  I think its going to be so lovely when its fully pieced together!

After I managed to get the last row I had a little bit of time before Miss L usually wakes up from her nap and was able to piece together the first four full rows of the quilt top.  Most of my seams match up so far and since this quilt top has 180 tumblers, as long as most of them match up I'll be completely happy with the end result!

Please forgive the wonky picture - I was holding Baby C while standing on chair trying to take this picture.  It was the best one out of the three I took and since I didn't fall or wipe out with Baby C I consider this picture a success!

I'm hoping that I can find an hour to sew tomorrow and Tuesday and I should be able to have the quilt top done and then can get to work on pinning the quilt sandwich and possibly get to some free motion quilting on my machine this weekend.  I'm dying for something to cross off my WIP/UFO list and hopefully this can be that something that I can cross off soon!

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