Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Teething Baby = No Sewing for Me :(

I think Baby C has managed to thwart my plans to get my Camping Quilt done before we go camping this weekend.  The past two nights that I would have loved to have been getting some sewing done I had this on my lap:

And this.....

Poor little guy has been teething the last few days and managed to pop TWO teeth today bringing his total number of teeth to 6!!  Not too bad for a little guy who will be nine months old tomorrow.

Frankly I'll take the snuggles while I can get them and I can always use a different blanket while we are camping this weekend!  Little Mr is growing up too fast not to enjoy some serious snuggles!  

Happy Tuesday everyone.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Camping Quilt - Day 4 of 8 done!

Time for an update for Day 4 and I've managed to get some more progress done on the Camping Quilt!  

The flowers on the left hand side are just my markers so I knew which rows to piece together.  If I don't label the heck out of my projects I tend to make wayyyyy too many mistakes and thats just not a good thing at all!  

Hopefully tonight I can add the Jean boarder around the flannel boarder and then finally get started on the quilt sandwich.  I can honestly say that this quilt has me quite worried since its the biggest quilt I've ever done and the jean fabric is SO heavy!  

I hope my Canadian Friends are having a great long weekend!  To all my American friends - I hope you have a great week and have a fabulous long weekend next weekend!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

More Camping Quilt Progress!

Last night was the Friday Night Sew In hosted by Handmade By Heidi and Crafty Vegas Mom and I managed to get all the 3 patch strips sewn into 9 patch blocks!

Nothing says fun like Baby C tearing apart my quilt after I laid it out on the floor. 
Little turkey!  ;)  Oh well at least he's helping the creative process!!  

I've managed to square up most of the 9 patch blocks, I think I still have 4 more to do then I can piece the entire top together this afternoon or evening.  

I'm going to hit the fabric store this afternoon to see if I can find any sweet flannel to back the quilt with, hopefully they have something similar to what I have in my mind.  

I hope you all have a super weekend, and thanks again to the ladies for hosting the Friday Night Sew-IN again this month!  

Friday, May 18, 2012

My Camping Quilt in a Week Challenge!

Last night I posted about how I got this lovely brainstorm to make a Jean Quilt in a WEEK for camping next weekend - well last night was quite productive and I got all the squares cut, pieced into rows, and cut again to make this lovely piece of quilting goodness:

I'd say thats not too bad because three hours before that picture was taken those squares looked like this:

Hopefully I can get the top mostly pieced together today (the squares are currently sewn together in three patch sections) and I can run to the fabric store and get some boarder fabric, backing and possibly some batting depending on how big the quilt winds up being.

Hi ho, hi ho, its off to the sewing machine I go!!  

Happy Friday everyone!  

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Camping Quilt

We are heading out camping next weekend since we don't want to battle the long weekend crowds plus Mr. Quiltapotamus works this Monday (in Canada our May long weekend is this coming weekend not next weekend like you have in the States). I made a passing comment to my husband the other day that i'd love to have a jean quilt to cuddle up in by the fire and now that's all I can think about!!!

So I do a little googling to find out approximately how many jeans I would need and now I'm going to do what I do best WING IT!!! ;)

I'm going to attempt to sew my little bum off for the next week and see if i can actually pull this quilt off for us to take it with us camping.

Wish me luck and I'll try to update my progress with the jean quilt each day to help keep me accountable!!!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I've entered the New Age!!!

After 3 good solid years with my trusty Blackberry I decided to end the relationship. We have had a good run, but it was time for it to go and I am embracing (and LOVING) my new iPhone!!!

I downloaded the blogger app and am trying it put right now. I hope it's super easy to use and then I can start back blogging more. I have so much stuff going on that I would love to blog about but by the end of the day I'm so tired that my blog gets neglected!

Hopefully I'll get some sewing done tonight and I can actually post about some sewing goodness!

I hope you are all having a fabulous Tuesday!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

New Quilt on the Go - A Quilt for My SIL!!!

I am SUPER excited about my newest quilt on the go (and no I haven't finished any lately, I just added yet another one to the WIP pile!!!) - a Quilt for my SIL.  

I have been saying for YEARS that I really want to make a Granny Square quilt and my SIL has been saying saying that she would like to make a quilt - the problem with both our 'wants' is I don't crochet (very well!) and she doesn't quilt (very well) so we decided that we could make each other a quilt/afghan and call it the Great Quilfghan Swap!  I found some fabric that I LOVE and am waffling between two different patterns that use the same quilt blocks and I've been going to town on it the past few days.  

The only problem with doing this quilt is that I can't show it to you until its done because my SIL reads my blog and I don't want to spoil the surprise for her!!  I've been sewing like a banshee for the past week and actually have quite a bit to show for it but I can't post any of it.  Once I give her the quilt I'll be able to make a MEGA post all about it!  

I think I'm going to call this quilt Domestic Handbag.  Domestic is part of the fabric line and Handbag is an inside joke between my SIL and I (that I'll explain when I show off the quilt!) and I think she'll get a serious kick out of it!!  

Off to get a little more sewing done before having to pick Miss S up from school.
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