Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Best of Intentions......

Sometimes I have the absolute best of intentions when it come to a night of sewing - I get all my fabric out (in last nights case it was the backing to my Eye Spy quilt), get out the iron, ironing board, cutting mat and get as far as this:

Yes, that would be my quilt laid out on the floor with some of the backing that I am auditioning laying on it (I'm planning on doing a pieced back with some of my leftover/scrap/extra flannel fabric), and I'm sitting on the couch looking at it with this in my lap:

Oh yes, those would be Creamy Dill potato chips in my lap and thats pretty much as far as I have been getting with my quilting the last few nights.  I get everything out and stare at my fabric and munch away on something salty!  So BAD, but so tasty.

I'm hopeful tomorrow night will be more productive in the quilting department - tonight I'm off for a very long awaited dinner at the Olive Garden with my SIL.  Soup, Salad and Breadsticks here we come!!!

Thanks for stopping by - see you tomorrow


  1. Your quilt top looks wonderful and sometimes it is fun to just enjoy looking at it and munch on something crunchy. Hope you enjoy your dinner at the Olive Garden, love their salads and food!

  2. Oh, is this the SIL who's getting the Domestic Handbag? And you'll be getting your afghan. Sounds exciting. A meal at Olive Garden sounds better than a bowl of chips. Enjoy and come back and let us know all about it.

  3. I love this, Kari! Sounds like most of my afternoons lately! I start out with one project, something catches my eye (although it's usually something on the computer, rather than chips) and off I go. Several hours later I remember what I was going to work on, but kids and hubby are home and well... Don't worry everything eventually gets done :) Hope you enjoyed your dinner last night.


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