Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Celebrating the Small Stuff

I wasn't going to post today, since I didn't have much on the go that seems 'worthy' of a post but since I got in the habit of blogging every day with Blogtoberfest it was eating me that I hadn't posted anything yet!  ;)  As I thought about it - I DO have some worthy stuff to share today!  It might not be earth shattering but sometimes I need to stop and celebrate the small stuff to help remind me that small stuff IS important too.

Lets highlight some of the high points of the day:

  • Miss L is feeling MUCH better - hooray for a not so sick 3 year old!
  • The girls had gymnastics today and both had a great time.
  • The kids tried out their sensory box I made for them and loved it (I'll do a post on that sometime this week to explain a little more in detail). 
  • Mr C is loving to give face hugs when he gives kisses now (so cute!!)
  • Last but not least:  Mr. Quiltapotamus had the girls 'help' him organize the garage this afternoon - and I am now able to park in it after a YEAR of not being able to.   The icing on THAT cake is that is supposed to be snowing later tonight and I WILL NOT HAVE TO BRUSH SNOW OFF MY VAN in the morning to take Miss S to school......that in it of itself makes today an amazing day in my book! 

Its a little tight in there but it FITS again!! 

I'm sure you can tell that this post evolved as I was writing it - I had thought of re-writing it a few times but I try to write as I think (which is SO scatterbrained but it is who I am).  I think this whole post is a  gentle reminder to myself that my days don't have to be filled with gourmet dinners (um, I have three kids, they don't 'do' gourmet!), a perfectly clean house (see previous comment!), or have to finish an entire quilt in a day to have it be a 'good' day.

Its days like today that I can head to bed knowing that the kids were happy, I was happy, Mr. Quiltapotamus was happy and everyone is looking forward to tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by - see you tomorrow. 

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  1. What a nice post about finding things to celebrate each day. It reminds me of a book that came out in the 90s by Sarah Ban Breathnach about "Simple Abundance - A Daybook of Comfort and Joy." She also talked about finding something to celebrate each day, no matter what is going on. Thanks for reminding me of this, Kari. I celebrate finding your blog since you are always so upbeat.


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