Monday, November 19, 2012

Eye Spy - Top finished!

I posted a few weeks ago about all of my UFO's that I have on the go (here) and it has totally helped to kick my butt in gear to get a move on with finishing some stuff up! 

Domestic Handbag is done!  Hopefully I can post some pictures of that one later this month. - So that's 1 off the List! 

I finished the top to the Eye Spy quilt this evening - its roughly 64x54 inches and I think I am just going to piece some flannel that I have in my stash to keep with the 'scrappy' look.  Plus its for the kids and flannel is super cozy!

The seams match up fairly well for how many squares there are although some seams that look like a drunk monkey was sewing them but the nice thing is since the quilt is SO busy you don't notice the off seams too much.  Once I have it quilted I'll show you some of my favourite squares.

I did mention that there were a few drunk monkey seams - it took a TON of trimming to get the rows un-wavy before I sew the top together.  I pieced most of this very off and on over the course of a few months last summer and fall and I know I didn't pay nearly as close attention as I should have, I paid for the lack of attention to detail in trimmings! Every quilt has a lesson to teach and apparently this quilts lesson is PAY ATTENTION to seam allowances....  ;) 

Tomorrow I need to hit the LQS and pick up a package of batting since both packages that I currently have are too small and then I can work on piecing the backing together.  Hopefully I can get to doing the sandwich one night this week. 

Thanks for stopping by - see you tomorrow.


  1. Kari, this eye spy quilt looks great - love the white and black sashing. May have to do one of these although my kids are probably past this stage at 13 and 16 :)

  2. Kari...very nice! I should make one for my cousin's little girl.


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