Friday, November 16, 2012

Its been a bit! Sorry!

Hi there, sorry for the break.  I needed a little mental time out after blogtoberfest and carrying on into November for a week and a bit.  I'm back now and hopefully can share some fun stuff everyone.

First things first - I FINISHED the Domestic Handbag quilt!  Finally and I LOVE it!  I made it for my SIL and in return she is making me a granny square afghan and mine is a surprise just like hers is for me.  Once she finishes my afghan I will be able to give her quilt to her and then post a plethora of pictures that I hope you enjoy.  Its killing me that I can't post pictures of it yet but I hope I you can hang in there for a few weeks then I can post away.

On a totally different note Its not like I needed another hobby but I've been wanting a portable craft to be able to come with me in the van while I wait for Miss S to be let out from Kindergarden or to do while I am at a drs appointment or something to keep me away from texting or just surfing the net or pinterest on my phone.  I want my kids to see Mommy creating with what little spare time that I have rather than filling it by starting at a little white phone whenever I can.  Don't get me wrong I do love my phone and keeping up with friends and family but I don't want my kids to always be associating Mommy = Cell Phone.

My Step Sister has been stitching (what cool people call Embroidery these days) for years and it was always something that I admired but didn't think that I could ever do, but after talking with Sherry for a few days and watching some tutorials online I was super pumped to give it a try.  She sent me a lovely parcel with everything that I needed to start off in the wonderful world of Stitching to create this amazing work of art:

How cute is she?!?!  ;)

Ok, so Lady Monkey isn't a total work of art, but it was the first time I've ever attempted any kind of Stitching and she turned out really cute.  I worked off a Sublime Stitching transfer and did a back stitch along the lines.

After I finished Lady Monkey I decided to keep the Monkey thing going and transfer on two bananas and a Boy Monkey to keep Lady Monkey company.  Next time I need to keep the iron on the transfer for a few seconds longer but it will work ok for this go round.

I am just stitching onto a scrap piece of cream backing that I hadn't used.  I might just fill the whole thing up as a sampler piece and try out as many stitches as I can as a good practice before I start working on the girls clothes or pillow cases or anything.

I mentioned that Sherry sent me an amazing parcel - she went all out!  An embroidery hoop, 4 Sublime Stitching pattern packages, thread, thread bobbins and two needles!!!

Oh the lovely thread!!!  I picked this package up on Tuesday and I may have purchased a few more colors at Michaels because I couldn't help myself!  ;)  Soooo pretty!

Now that I am DONE the Domestic Handbag quilt, I can throw that up in the Finished pile!!!  Now I think I am going to move on and get to work on the Eye Spy and my Crazy Cat quilt and hopefully get those off the WIP pile.

Thanks for stopping by - see you tomorrow!


  1. So glad you've finished the Domestic Handbag quilt, Kari. Now on to new projects. I like crochet and embroidery also. It's just hard to have so many projects going at once so right now I'm a quilter. I've been slow at getting back to my blogging also :)

  2. I've been getting back into embroidery in a big way and have been using it as embellishment in some of my quilts. Don't do hand applique or quilting, but there's something about that hand stitchery... You look like you're off to a great start - very nice work.


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