Saturday, November 24, 2012

Eye Spy Backing Complete

In the past the quilts that I have done have always been more of the smaller lap type variety.  Nothing over 40 inches wide so I never had to worry about piecing a back of a quilt.  My last two quilts have been the two biggest ones that I have done and I have had to piece the backs which as resulted in a lot of 'winging it' and thankfully so far it hasn't backfired yet!

For my Eye Spy Quilt I had some great flannel that my SIL gave me on her travels to various quilt shops (which when I really think about it seems silly since she doesn't quilt! - She just loves me that much!) that I knew that I wanted to use for the backing.  Originally I thought I would do a small Eye Spy quilt so I could use a single width of fabric but then I figured that I should go big or go home and decided to make a larger quilt.

I left the backing way larger than I needed it since I'm still not 100% sure the right  way to piece a back.  I have been just laying the fabric over the top and if I have a few inches on each side I figure its good and move on to the next fabric I want to piece together.

I have way more of the monkey fabric on the right hand side that I should probably trim off before I tackle the quilt sandwich.  I really want to show the pieced back rather than a TON of the monkey fabric and just a tiny bit of the piecing on the left hand side of the quilt.  I think the main thing I am going to run into with this quilt is making sure that my backing isn't off kilter when I tape it down.  Everything needs to be pretty straight on this quilt or its going to show the mistakes pretty clearly.

Well I am off to my Moms house for the afternoon and dinner with the kids soon - although tonight will be full fledged quilt sandwich type of evening.  I foresee a lot of pins and a slightly sore back from being hunched over pinning all night in my future!  ;)

Thanks for stopping by - see you tomorrow.


  1. This looks like the type of backing my friend, Lee, does (Lala's Lovelies). I usually use the same fabric for the whole backing, but am starting to think that your and Lee's approach is better as it uses up those awkward pieces of leftover fabric. Getting it straight is probably the biggest thing you have to worry about. Looking forward to seeing this one done :)


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