Tuesday, October 16, 2012

More than 1/2 Way Done - Day #16 of Blogtoberfest!

Its October 16th - I've made it more than 1/2 way through Blogtoberfest and I amost totally forgot to post today.  Thankfully I remembered as I was climbing into bed but I have NOTHING prepared to post about this evening so I'll do what I do best - ramble for a few!  ;)
I managed to get most of the quilt top done on the Domestic Handbag quilt but I can't show that because its a gift.....So I can't blog about that...
And I did finish the Chevron Block for my quilting guild 'homework assignment' that was really stressing me out but I can't show you that either....since I want to show it off in all its awesomeness at our meeting on Thrusday...I'll post about it on Friday and let you ohh and ahh at it (and even if you don't ohh and ahh, I'll just pretend that you did since I'm actually pretty proud of it!!)......
I spent some time today organizing my fabric (some days I think I like folding and organizing my fabric more than actually sewing...!) since I got some sweet totes on sale yesterday.  BUT I didn't take any pictures so I can't really post about that...!
I feel bad, a blog post without pictures is like a day without sunshine!!
And after I wrote that last line I felt guilty - so I quickly scanned through our pictures and found a nice campfire picture from when we were camping this summer.  Mr. Quiltapotamus went and winterized the fifth wheel so we are officially done camping for the season - the kids were pretty bummed but we are already looking forward to next spring and hoepfully we can get out early next year. 
Thanks for stopping by and joining me in my ramblings...I hope you had a great Tuesday and I will see you tomorrow! 

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