Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween and Day #31 of Blogtoberfest!!

I did it!!  I made it through all 31 days of Blogtoberfest and didn't miss a single day!!  I'll finish Blogtoberfest with a little Halloween Celebrating! 
Our Bat pumpkin - Mr. Quiltapotamus did an amazing job with this as did the girls!

My Two Tinkerbells!! 
It was FREEZING tonight - -11C with windchill but it felt even colder so the girls had their full winter outfits on this evening.  Snow pants, winter jacket, snow boots, super warm mitts, and hoodies.  That would be why their costumes look a little off!  They have LAYERS on under them but at least they both stayed rather warm and had so much fun!

Mr C did not enjoy his Caterpillar costume very much and he isn't a big fan of the cold so he came out with us for a few houses and we brought him back home to hand candy out with Daddy.  He quite enjoyed that!! 

In a little over two hours Miss S along with Miss L's hour of trick or treating - the girls managed to bring home TEN POINT TWO POUNDS of candy....!!  I brought the bathroom scale out to see how much candy they got and I was blown away!! 

I'll go through it over the next few days and take the remainder to a local chairty.  We do NOT need ten pounds of junk food in our house!!  I'm glad the girls got to experience Halloween and had a good time, they don't need that much candy - me either!
Thank you so much for sticking with me for the 31 days of Blogtoberfest!  I am still hoping to continue along with blogging every day or at least as close to that as I can.  I have a full list of blogging topics and a few projects that I still need to share.
Until tomorrow my friends.  ;)

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  1. Oh,what a nice Halloween you and your family had. The kids look so cute. AND how wonderful that Blogtoberfest is done and we blogged every day! Now we can breathe, relax and enjoy blogging whenever we want.


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