Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Eye Spy - Rows Complete!

Wow, its amazing what can get done in a night when Mr. Quiltapotamus is working the night shift, Mr. C actually goes to bed at a really decent time and my girls don't continuously get out of bed for a drink, snuggle, extra toy....that sort of thing!  ;)

Yesterday I posted a picture of some of my Eye Spy blocks that I had up on my design wall and I was hoping to get a little bit done last night.  I actually managed to get all the rows assembled and I am SO pleased with myself (even if that did mean that I skipped out on working out to sew....bad me!!) and how it turned out. 

The quilt has10 rows with 8 blocks per row. I still have to cut the extra boarder squares and rectangles so the black and white boarder goes around the entire quilt (rather than just the top and left hand side!).

I'm trying to decide if I want to do a plain cream 4-6" boarder around the quilt or just square it up, make a quilt sandwich and then put the binding right onto the black and white boarder.  Part of me just wants this quilt done so I might not do the boarder at all and that should help me get this thing finished a little faster!  ;)

Thoughts anyone?! 


  1. Looks Great!
    Thanks for linking up.

  2. Congrats on finishing up the rows. I kind of think it will look very complete when you finish the black/white border. Not sure it needs an additional one. Just my humble opinion.

  3. Beautiful quilt. I love the I-Spy squares. It will look perfect with the black and white border. WTG! Great job :)


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