Saturday, October 20, 2012

Creative Stitches Quilt Show - and Day #20 of Blogtoberfest!

I think my blog titles keep getting bigger every day!  Oh well, I'm on Day #20 of Blogtoberfest and I haven't missed a SINGLE DAY!  Thats kind of a big deal for me and I'll take it.

Today a good friend and I took in the Creative Stitches Quilt Show and Sale in Calgary - quite a few LQS had booths and there were a ton from out of the city and a few from out of Province as well.  We talked to owners about fabric, sewing machines, long arm machines (oh how I long for one!!!!) and even had a pretty cool demonstration of a Cameo Shilloette paper/fabric cutter.

We saw some amazing quilts on display from Quilts of Valour.  I had never heard of them before today but was absolutely inspired by their dedication to provide quilts to injured Canadian Soldiers.  There were in between 20-25 quilts on sale and 12 were being sent off to injured Soldiers to help aid in their recovery and as a thank you for serving our Country.

I only had my iPhone on me but I did take pictures of the ones that I really enjoyed. 

I love the pinwheel-checkerboard patterns on this quilt and the hits of blue just pop.  So beautiful.

A beautiful flock of Flying Geese.

This one was one of our favourites - its so Canadian without screaming Canada.  The picture does not do it justice, it was simply stunning.  

This one does scream Canada - and for that I love it!  What a simple design with a fantastic impact and it was beautifully quilted as well.  

This one would have been perfect for a para-trooper, what fantastic fabric to honour a soldier with.  

Yet another quilt that screams Canada - and it was right up there with my favourites.  

I loved the contrast between this quilt and most of the others - it was much more subdued but still a strong quilt.  So pretty.

I thought the appliqued 'leaves' were neat on this quilt and it was long armed beautifully.  

This last picture wasn't a Quilt of Valour quilt it was just one set up at a booth but I thought it was a fantastic alternative layout for an Eye Spy quilt.  I haven't seen an Eye Spy set up with such large squares before and I think I might have keep this design tucked away for my next Eye Spy quilt I want to work on.  

Last but not least I picked up some pretty good deals on some fabric (but please don't tell my husband.... kidding!) and found a few charm packs of fabric that I had been eyeing online.

I got two charm packs each of Cuzco by Kate Spain and Flirt by Sandy Gervais as well as one pack of Walk in the Woods by Annela Hoey.  Now I need to figure out what lovely amazingness I am going to create with my beautiful new fabric.

And before I forget I need to do a majorly HUGE thank you to my Sister for watching all three of my kids this morning so I could go to the Quilt Show without the kids (and have a few hours of quiet shopping with a friend!) - THANKS Kelly!  

Thank you for stopping by - Day #20 of Blogtoberfest is in the books and I will see you tomorrow!

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