Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hand Warmers - and Day #25 of Blogtoberfest

I posted the other day that we had our first snow and the last few mornings its been pretty chilly walking from the van to the Kindergarten doors to drop Miss S off for school.  Its barely below 0C but the poor girls just aren't used to the chilly weather yet - Mommy either!!
I made some Bean Bags last year in July and it got me thinking - why don't I make tiny little hand warmers for the girls to keep in their mitts or pockets to keep their hands warm on the way to school in the morning. 
Enter - rice, old scraps of fabric and a microwave!! 
I didn't want to make the bags too big, since then it wouldn't fit in their puffy mitts (the insulated kind) but then I discovered if you make them small - they don't stay warm for very long. 
I decided that we could make some small ones - ones that would fit in the palms of the girls hands and they fit quite nicely. 

Thrown them in the microwave for 20 seconds and they toast up little hands pretty quickly!

These ones are pretty small, next go round I'll make some bigger ones out of some leftover flannel and I'll nuke those in the microwave for 40+ seconds and I'm sure they'll be more than roasty toasty for the girls in the morning - me too! 



  1. Great idea...I think I will make some of these for my granddaughters to use while waiting to catch the bus of the mornings.

  2. I love this idea! It would be great when I go running and its cold out. I'm trying to convince Chris to do the Hypodermic Half Marathon and these might help!


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