Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Yummy Dinner Tuesday!

I'm trying to get back into Blogging since I've been horrible at it the last few months.  Between getting NO sleep (I love my kids but they had me out of bed SIX times last night between the hours of 12:30 and 6:00am - mommy is gonna live on some caffeine today!!) and having a baby that sometimes boarders on being colicky my blogging/sewing/(non existent)free time has taken a back seat to pretty much everything.

Today I am celebrating the small victories: I have a delicious and nutritious dinner cooking in the crock pot right now and we aren't going to eat a pre-packaged frozen dinner or grabbing fast food tonight!

Its not much, just some stewing beef, carrots, potatoes, mushrooms and a few stalks of celery; but its been cooking now for a half an hour and it already smells pretty heavenly in here!

I might even tackle some bread this afternoon if the kids are being somewhat well behaved - or I'll just boot them into the backyard to play when I attempt the bread thing; if not I can save that for another day!

Maybe, just maybe I'll even be able to attack one or two things at my sewing machine this afternoon.  I have the Tumbling Rubies quilt and the Eye Spy quilt that I'm really looking forward to finishing and being able to use!

****I don't want people to think that I don't actually cook - I really do! Its just that I'm trying to make myself see the small victories and be happy/proud of what I actually do get accomplished during the day (which sometimes feels like NOTHING!) rather than feeling like I'm just spinning my wheels getting nothing done.****

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