Sunday, April 15, 2012

Eye Spy Progress - almost done!!!

Its been a while but I actually made some progress on the kids Eye Spy quilt!

I don't have it sewn together yet (the picture below is just me laying it out) but once I get the next 16 or so blocks cut up and sewn and put on the bottom I'll start playing with the fabric placement.  Unfortunatley for me that means attempting to do some 'random' pattern placement which I am HORRIBLE with!  Time to let go of my 'random' OCD and let the fabric falls where it will and get this awesome blanket pieced!

Don't you just love 'playroom' pictures with all the kids stuff in the corners of the pictures?!?!  ;) 

Oh well, no matter what happens with the fabric placement I know the kids are going to LOVE this quilt.  We have already spent a few hours looking at all the fabric together as I have been piecing the quilt top and they are really looking forward to being able to 'finding' all the different patterns, colors and animals when its all put together.

On a side note we've been able to hit 4 more parks bringing our total up to 5 parks for our 150 Park Challenge (and I'm quickly realizing that there is NO WAY we are going to be able to hit that many parks this summer - but I'll try to hit as many as we possibly can).  If it didn't snow all weekend we would have been able to hit a few more but thats ok its supposed to be +10C tomorrow!!  Hooray for Spring!  

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  1. I LOVE that I Spy quilt!! The kids will love it for sure! :o) It's going to be so cute and such a keepsake for them. xo


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