Monday, April 16, 2012

It was a Fabric BONANZA!

On Saturday my SIL and I went to a fabric sale put on by a local churches women's group.  They collect yarn, fabric, batting, notions, books....EVERYTHING that you could want for absolutely dirt cheap!!!

After getting to the sale a few minutes late and missing out on the 100 person lineup in the snow I found my SIL and we got to work!  (I'm still bummed I forgot my camera, it was insanely busy but everyone was well behaved) When you came downstairs they had some white garbage bags filled with mystery fabric for $0.50 - seriously FIFTY CENTS!!  How can you pass that up?!  So I grabbed two bags but I totally would have grabbed more if I had another reusable shopping bag with me.

Then we found the quilting room and I went to town - twice...  ;)  I got a bunch of 1930's and late 1800's reproduction fabric for $2-4 a bag which was still an amazing price!

My SIL scored with the yarn room and got something like 40 balls of yarn - all different kinds - for $18!

After I got home I had to take pictures of my haul.  All the fabric in the reusable bag is the quilting cottons and the two plastic bags to the right are my $0.50 grab bags.

This is all the grab bag stuff.  Some narsty (yes I mean narsty - its even nastier than nasty; hence narsty!!) stuff for sure but some of it will be awesome for small projects.

Next came some of the quilting much cheap fabric goodness!

This little stack was only $3.00 and it was at least 6 or 7 fat quarters!

This is all the quilting cotton.  I still need to go through it better but it looks like a lot of awesome stuff!!

All together for the grab bags and all that reproduction fabric it cost me a grand total of $31!!  And the even better thing is all the money raised is going to charity which made me want to go back and buy even more fabric!!!  ;)

I'll go through the 'stash' in the next few days and highlight my favourites. 

On another note we managed to hit one more park to add to our 150 park challenge bringing us up to 7 now.  I forgot to bring my camera but it was a brand new park and will be visited again very soon!  The girls loved it and I'm loving getting back outside with the kids now that its nice'ish again!  Come on Spring!!  

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