Monday, September 19, 2011

Happy Birthday to me!!! Sewing Goodness....

Today is my birthday - part of me can't believe I'm 31 years old and part of me feels much older some days (apparently having 3 kids will do that to you!).   I'm very proud of what I've accomplished in my first 31 years and I can't wait to see what the future has for me and my family.

My husband is working late today so he and the girls gave me my lovely birthday gift yesterday - this is it:

I'm sure those of you that sew know exactly what it is, but for those of you that don't its a Bernina 1300mtc Serger/Overlocker!!!!!

I've been wanting a serger for a long time but never had one, and now that I have one I'm TERRIFIED of it!!  The last serger I used was in middle school and was like a $200 special that only serged and didn't have any bells and whistles on it whereas this new serger does a ton of stuff and I'm scared to even try to thread it let alone use it!  That being said I've got a date with my new toy this afternoon and I'm hoping between the manual, Youtube and my mad skills I'll be able to figure it out without hurting it or myself...  ;)

Its soooo lovely - I have the best husband ever!!  Can't wait to use it!

Yesterday we also organized the unfinished basement a little better and now I have a sewing room for all my sewing goodness.  I took before and after pictures and I'll post them tomorrow (hopefully along with something serged to prove that I conquered the threading today at least!!).  Its going to be so wonderful to have a space somewhere with all my sewing stuff together.  Its still a work in progress but its a fantastic start to a wonderful Mommy cave!!  

Today is also International Talk Like a Pirate Day -  Happy Arrrrrrrrrh to you all!!!  ;) 

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