Sunday, May 1, 2011


I have been put 1 step below complete bedrest by my doctor and my super awesome SIL brought over a basket overflowing with goodies to keep me occupied on the couch (and well fed in junk food!!) and a ton of new quilting magazines to keep me in the creative mood:

I REALLY want to try to make this wall hanging (sorry its sideways - still trying to figure out the whole picture importing thing) but I need to seriously hit an online fabric store and order some fabric that would work with this kind of pattern.  I don't think my hodgepodge of kiddy flannel, monster, bug, flower, and Christmas fabric would work well together with a wall hanging like this!!  Methinks some serious shopping needs to be undertaken over the next few weeks......bring it on.

I've got some good reading material, some serious time on my hands and a not totally maxed out credit card on my hands - who knows what will be created over the next 16 weeks!!!  ;)


  1. Woohoo for awesome people that bring you awesome things. :D Have you joined sewingmama's yet? Lots and lots of online fabric resources there. Believe me, my budget knows all about it. LOL

  2. I did join SewingMamas and have been on it lately but sometimes I find it so overwhelming!! But I'm sure with the amount of time I have on my hands I'll be able to figure it all out! ;)

  3. What's your username on SM? I find if you haven't been on for a while, it's best to avoid "new posts" and stick to specific sections, like material girls if you want to read, or runway if you want to see what everybody's been making, etc.


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