Saturday, May 7, 2011

Placemats Done!!

Yes, I realize that its May but I finally finished my Christmas present for my MIL last week (hey, better late than never eh?!?!).  I had given her four out of the six placemats that I had made for Christmas but my poor fingers protested sewing the binding on two more placemats for a while.  Unfortunately my little break turned into a few - ok 4 month hiatus - BUT I did manage to finish the last two placemats over the last week while my MIL has been staying with me when my wonderful husband is working.

I found a tutorial for these placemats at A Quilting Life (Here), I can't figure out how to link the actual page to mine.  Sorry!  

I can't believe how much I LOVE these placemats....!!  They came out really well.  I used the Moda Oh Cherry Oh fabric for the patchwork and I'm not sure what I wound up using for the backing and binding but its super cute.

The backing!  The fantastic thing is you can use these place mats either side up depending on how busy you want your table to be.

Yet another thing off the WIP list and does it ever feel awesome!!  I've got a few more WIPs that I need to work on if I'm feeling ok, hopefully I can attack the Crazy Cat Quilt in stages and get that out the door before my Mom and her Husbands 1 year anniversary of being in their new house comes up in a few months!  

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