Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tumbler Quilt Top

I managed to make a little progress with the little guys tumbler quilt top today. I had tried a few different layouts but I really liked the repeating pattern that I finally came up with (they aren't sewed together just laid out for designing purposes).  Its a little smaller than I was planning on but it still should be big enough to lay out and have the little guy hang out on and be comfy.

One day I'd love to make a bigger quilt with a ton of different fabrics but I think thats something that would work better with a twin or bigger sized quilt.  Until then I'll keep rocking this quilt out and get it onto the finished list!!

I still have to cut the bright yellow as the boarder tumblers (to go all the way around) and then I'll bind it with the bright green to add a bit of pop.  Hopefully I can get to the boarder fabric tomorrow and start sewing it all together after that.  

I need to come up with a name for this blanket - rather than Boy Quilt #1!  I'm thinking maybe Tumbling Dots?  

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