Wednesday, May 25, 2011

One (Actually Two) Flower Wednesday!

Today marks another week of One Flower Wednesday.  I was a bit of a keener this week and pegged off two!   Sorry for not ironing them and the pictures aren't great - I was trying to avoid getting my almost 2 year old in the pictures who was trying to 'help' me!

The snowflake flower, I need to trim the ends...

My star flower - its pretty cute....

The garden so far...!!!  The more I look at them I'm pretty sure that I'm going to edge each of them with the same white and red centre fabric to keep the reds from mixing together and keeping more definition between the flowers.

I'm not sure why my flowers are curling so much but I'm hoping once I iron them they should lay flat.

I do have a quick question for my fellow gardeners:  I always double my thread up when I'm sewing the 'petals' together - is this the best way to do it or should I just use a single strand of thread to sew the petals together?   Thanks!!


  1. Wonderful flowers and I like your edging idea, that will be very nice! I just use a single thread, but put my stitches very close together.

    Blogger is having problems and the only way I could post this comment was by Name/URL. It would not let me sign in by Google Account. Always something!

  2. I also only use a single thread, but I make my hexagons not with the paper piecing method. Love your fabrics: beautiful flowers! Enjoy!

  3. I'm another one who only uses a single thread. I like the fabric you've selected for your flowers.

  4. I'm really liking the red and white fabric combination you are using for your flower garden. Beautiful!

  5. I too am another one that uses single thread. The fabrics you've selected are so pretty! Good job!



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