Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My attempt at a Chenille Blanket

A few weeks ago I was browsing through my favourite blogs and came across a sweet blanket tutorial that outlined how to make a Chenille Blanket.  I had thought about running out to the fabric store to buy some cute boy fabric but I showed some restraint (shocking I know!!) and went though my fabric stash to see what I might be able to use to make a smaller blanket to try out the technique to see if I actually liked the blanket before I undertook larger one.

I found a race car fat quarter to use as the 'top' and then found some green swirly flannel, blue bear flannel and yellow swirly flannel to top the back of the blanket.  I can't really call it a baby blanket, its more of a doll blanket for the girls to play with.

I sat down and sewed and sewed and sewed and sewed line after line after line (61 lines I believe!!) to make the columns and then hand cut 1/4 of the channels before giving in and buying a chenille tool at Michaels!!  Sometimes its just easier to have the right tools!!

This is the final product!  I was so excited to have it finished that I didn't square it up or finish it 100% properly but I think the next blanket has some serious potential.

As soon as any blanket (or anything) that I am working on touches the ground - Little L pounces on it faster than you can say 'off!' ;).  I think its got her stamp of approval!!

The back of the blanket - I think I did the Chenilling a little too close together but for my first attempt I think it was an ok first go.

A close up of the Chenilling.  I've washed this blanket twice and apparently the more you wash it the pluffier it gets.

I might try to make a few smaller strips and use them as burp cloths for when our little one comes in the summer.  Its pretty soft and I think it would be catch most of whatever the guy can throw at us!

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