Friday, November 23, 2012

Playday Friday!

After a long week of School for both girls, quite a few rough nights of not sleeping and heading into a weekend with Mr. Quiltapotamus working nights (weekend nights worst part of shift work - ever) I was all set for a quiet Friday at home with the kids.  Miss S had today off school so we hit Michael's in the morning for a sweet deal on some plastic storage boxes that were on killer sale!   I got 4 for myself and 4 for my SIL to keep her yarn in.

I keep my WIP in my totes (the four on the left are for my SIL and the top four on right tower are my new ones that I got today).  I find they are great for putting finished blocks, backing, coordinating thread, layer cakes or pretty much anything related to a single project in as long as the quilt isnt too big. As you can tell I label what I have in them which helps keep things organized especially when the little ones want to 'help' me organize my fabric!!!

Anyways - getting back to the Playday part of Playday Friday.  I got a text message from a friend right before lunch asking if I wanted to go sledding with her and her two kids after lunch.  Normally I would say heck no and run for the hills since I'm so outnumbered with the three kids and just me but I figured that today is the day I need to start doing more stuff like that with all three kids rather than waiting for my husband to be off work to do the fun stuff with them (I am Mom - hear me roar!).

So after getting all the snow stuff together - who would have thought the amount of snow stuff three kids would need?!  Plus mine (which was 80% of my husbands stuff!) I remembered that one of our sleds didn't have a great handle for pulling it back up the hill.  Last year I put a small pink ribbon on it but it was too short so I knew I had to do something about it before we went out today since I would have three kids and three sleds and only two hands.

Enter: Duct tape:

Did I make a duct tape handle for the sled??  Oh yes, yes I did!!  It took me 10 minutes to fashion a really simple handle out of a bunch of duct tape but WOW did it ever do the trick and it made it way easier for the kids (Mom too) to pull the sled up the hill (and hold onto it at the top so it didn't slide down without its +1) once we finally made it out the door.

The hour between the text message and heading out to the hill was killing the girls so I brought the sleds inside so they could 'practice' sledding and I could figure out the duct tape handle.

But we finally made it to the hill!!!

The big blue blob in front of me was Mr. C.  It was his first time sledding and he did so well.  He loved it, and really enjoyed being hauled up the hill each time we went down.  I even had him go down beside Miss L and I in his own little sled and he really liked that too.  Miss S was a little speed demon and I think after today that she just might be ready for the ski hill that Mr. Quiltapotamus is dying to take her to.  

Our afternoon was unshockingly quiet considering the kids went super hard on the hill for an hour and 15 minutes, its amazing what fresh air and hill repeats will do to a 5, 3 and 32 year old!  The 1 year old was his awesome 'get into everything' self this afternoon.... ;)  

Now that everyone is in bed and the house is quiet I am going to try my darndest and keep away from the chips and start on my binding for the Eye Spy Quilt.  I would love to have that done for my next Guild Meeting in December.  

Thanks for stopping by - see you tomorrow.

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  1. Send some of that snow our way. It has been beautiful and sunny but really...December is almost here...we need snow and the girls want to toboggan down our driveway again.


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