Saturday, November 3, 2012

Getting my Sandwich on!!

No, not a yummy ham and cheese sandwich - a yummy quilt sandwich!!!!

Last night I managed to get the entire Domestic Handbag quilt sandwiched and begun the quilting. So far I LOVE it! I can't wait to show it to you but since it's a surprise for my sister in law I have to keep it under wraps until its alllllll finished and I give it to her. Since I can't show you a picture of the sandwich I can sow a before picture of my dining room! 

I was having trouble with the tape that I tried earlier in the week (it was painters tape) and the fabric kept peeling up off the tape and the tape kept peeling up off the floor so I busted out the duct tape - WOW!  What a difference.  I might have to keep duct tape in my quilting cupboard for sandwiching from now on. 

I'm hoping to get the whole quilt finished in the next few weeks and after giving I to her I can show it to everyone. I can't wait to take it outside and get some winter pictures with it (hanging somewhere clean of course!!).

My awesome Mom and her husband are taking the kids tonight for a sleepover. Thanks again Mom! We are heading out for dinner and then hopefully I can get a bit more quilting done on the Domestic Handbag quilt!!  After posting about all my UFO's I'm rather inspired to get at least a few of them crossed off my WIP list and into the DONE pile!

Thanks for stopping by, see you tomorrow. 

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