Thursday, November 8, 2012

I hate sewing on Binding....

I just finished machine sewing on the binding on the Domestic Handbag quilt for my Sister-In-Law tonight,  I still have to hand sew it on the back though.  I've made quite a few quilts and I ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS


seem to screw up when I have to join the ends.  This time was no different - it took me THREE (3!!) times.  So not cool, thankfully I didn't cut the tails until I knew I had it right but it just made for a frustrating experience.

I have no idea why I always turn into a space cadet when it comes to binding but it always throws me for a loop.  Anyone have any tricks?!?

Now that I have that off my chest I can go to bed and attack the hand sewing tomorrow on fresh eyes and hunkering down from the snow storm that is blowing away outside.

Sorry for the dark picture - its just after 11:00 out and pretty dark.  I'm already dreading shovelling that snow in the morning, but thankfully my van is warm and dry in the garage so we don't have to freeze dropping Miss S off at school tomorrow.  I foresee a stop at Tim Horton's (a Canadian coffee place for those that don't know) on the way home from school for a very LARGE hot chocolate to keep me toasty as I shovel the sidewalk.

Thanks for stopping by - see you tomorrow.

With the awesome progress that I'm making on the Domestic Handbag quilt I should have it done and to my SIL by next weekend - then I'll finally be able to post some pictures of it after she has it!!!  I can't wait!


  1. Oh Kari, the Domestic Handbag Quilt is almost done. Are you going to hand-sew the binding? And SNOW already. I'm whining because it is windy and cold in Texas. We rarely get snow but it can get really cold. Really cold is what I call temperatures in the 40s F. It's supposed to be in the 60s next week. I must sound like a real wimp to you, haha.

  2. re finishing the last binding seam ... YES!! I can help you! I have a tutorial for doing that last seam to join the tails so that it is absolutely, positively, *exactly* like all the other seams in the binding ... i.e. a diagonal FLAT seam. And the tutorial is easy to follow. It works every time.

    The webpage is and a downloadable PDF version is available at (good Lord, what humungous URLs!!)

    If you are hesitant to do it on your "real" project, please try it on a practice piece first. Honest-to-goodness, you'll be so pleased with yourself!


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