Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tooth Fairy Pillow

I was texting with my SIL this evening and she told me that my (just turned) 5 year old niece has her first loose tooth.  I have been wanting to make a Tooth Fairy Pillow for a while and this was just the kick I needed to get going on one!!

I made this in a little over an hour and that includes finding the fabric in my garage since the basement is being finished at the moment, and doing not one but three different pockets since they kept messing up on me.  

All and all I don't think my niece is going to be getting this one - but I've got the basics down to make a better one and get it to her in the next few days (hopefully!) before her tooth falls out.

Ugh, I wish my camera wasn't so temperamental and I wasn't so tired
otherwise I would totally take a crisper picture of this but I'm sure
you get my drift!!

I had to make sure that the money would fit in!! Although I'm pretty sure the Tooth Fairy gives out $5 for the first tooth these days!

I took pictures along the way and I might do a tutorial if anyone is interested.  It was super easy, I just need to 'professional' it up a little bit since it screams 'this is my first one!!' and since its a gift I want it to look a little prettier for my niece.

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