Monday, October 3, 2011

Bunting Bag Recover - planning process

Day #3 of Blogtoberfest - I'm off to a good start!  :)

I read posts all the time on other peoples blogs that are upcycling/repurposing/recovering something and I'm always so inspired but I never do it myself.  I'm horrible for going out and buying what I need rather than at least attempting to make something or repurpose something.

My BIL and SIL bought this super cute pink JJ Cole bunting bag when my oldest was a baby.  Our winters get down right FREEZING - minus 40C can be a week or month long occurrence  off and on in the winter here so being warm is beyond important!  Having a September baby meant we had her in the bucket seat all winter so this bunting bag got lots of use.  Then came Miss L - she was a July Baby but we still had her in the bucket seat pretty much all winter.

Now we have Baby C - and I don't think he (or my husband) would appreciate me putting him in a pink bunting bag cover for this winter!  So I decied that this will be my first upcycle/repurposing/recovering project.

I have some leftover fabric from the Tumbling Dots blanket that I made for Baby C and I thought that some sort of subway panel would look cute.  I started to lay out all my fabric but then Baby C woke up and needed to eat so my sewing/crafting evening was cut short.

I think I'm just going to sew the panel and then turn the ends in and essentially applique the patchwork top over top of the pink cover of the bunting bag.  I'm not quite sure how it will turn out but I can't wait to get started on it!

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