Friday, October 14, 2011

Mail Sending Day!

Yesterday was a mail receiving day - and today I'm sending out mail!  Funny how that happens especially when I pretty much NEVER do either!  

I was able to wash, iron and cut up all my fabric for the I Spy fabric swap hosted by Sandra at Sew In Peace over the past few days, its amazing how much longer stuff takes with three kids!!  I made a mistake and didn't buy enough fabric and I cut one section of fabric SO badly that I'm pretty sure a drunk monkey could have cut the squares better, so I had to go back to the fabric store and buy a little more of each fabric to get my full 40 squares of each pattern.

I ran into a little issue with shipping but after a quick email with Sandra we were able to square things away and I shipped off my package this afternoon!  (Thanks again Sandra and I'm sorry again for the shipping snafu, darn international shipping!).

I can't wait until I get my fabric bundle in the mail in a few weeks, I'm so excited to see what kinds of fabric everyone picked out.

Oh yes - yet another day of Blogtoberfest done!  I am hoping that I can get some actual sewing done in the next few days so I can actually post something sewing related until then you get little bits of randomness that is going on in my life!  ;)  

1 comment:

  1. Great I Spy fabric. I couldn't join Sandra's swap this time and it looks like I'll be missing out. But I really need to get busy on my I Spy quilt with the fun fabric I got with the last one. Have fun!


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