Thursday, January 10, 2013

Snow - Quinzhee Lesson

We woke up this morning to a record breaking snowfall in the City of Calgary and horrible roads to prove it.  Thankfully my husband was home and took Miss S to Kindergarten so the little two could stay at home with me where it was much safer an much, much warmer!  After school was done today (both kindergarten and preschool) and lunch was done along with a quick shopping trip the girls and Daddy went out side to shovel the mounds of snow off the sidewalk and driveway (and VERY graciously shoveled our neighbours walk and drive way to surprise her when she gets home!).  After the shoveling was done Daddy told the girls he was going to make them a Quinzhee  - which according to Wikipedia is:  The snow for a quinzhee need not be of the same quality as required for an igloo. Quinzhees are not usually meant as a form of permanent shelter, while igloos can be used for seasonal and year round habitation.  Essentially its a big mound of snow hollowed out into a mad made cave.  My husband has gone camping in one overnight with his uncle and said it was super warm and pretty comfy. 

The girls helped him pile the snow up to make this:

It doesn't look too big but there is in fact room for two little girls in there (I got a picture with Daddy and the girls in there but its on my iPhone):

This would be them making the quinzhee - yes those are my husbands legs sticking out at the front.  Hes hollowing it out with the shovel and the girls are helping him throw snow on top.
Oh no she wasn't having fun at all!!  ;) 

Daddy is back to work tomorrow but I'm pretty sure all three kids and I will get bundled up and trek outside to play in the quinzhee after lunch!  They had a ton of fun and I know that Mr. C will be so excited to get to play in it with the girls too.

Thanks for stopping by - see you tomorrow! 

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  1. Oh fun!! We used to do this when we were kids, never knew it had a name though :)


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