Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I'm Jumping on the Bandwagon!!!

No I'm not jumping on the Hockey bandwagon now that the NHL is back in in a few weeks, I'm jumping on the Scrappy Trip Along bandwagon! Blogs, Pinterest and Instagram are jumping with a ton of these quilts and I can't help myself - I totally want to make one too!!!

I know I promised myself that I would have a "Finish" in before I would start anything new so I am just gathering my scraps and any FQ I have laying around that I could use for the Scrappy Trip quit.  Last night I finished all the machine quilting on the Party Monster quilt and its ready for me to put the binding on and then its done, done, DONE!  I was going to tackle that project tonight but the hubby and I decided to watch a movie instead, and sometimes thats allowed! 

Sorry for the Instagram picture - I need to bust out my big camera more!!!

Getting back to my next project....I went digging and found a bunch of fun fabrics in my stash and can't wait to start ironing and cutting all the fabric into some 2.5 inch strips!  There are some pretty fun fabrics in there and hopefully they will all work together.  I will probably have to bust out some FQ from my stash to gather enough fabric for a decent sized quilt but I think I should have a good start with the scraps I have on hand. 

Should be a lot of fun, I'll try to show a lot of the process for anyone that is looking at doing one of these quilts themselves.   Next week will be a Scrappy Trip Along week but first I need to finish the Party Monster quilt and then I am so getting to work on my new quilt. 
Thanks for stopping by - see you on Thursday - tomorrow is my Hubbys birthday - I probably shouldn't be quilting on his birthday, so I'll see you in a few days!!  

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