Monday, January 7, 2013

Last Day of Holidays

Its amazing how fast holidays can fly by!  Today is the girls last day of Christmas holidays and both are back at school tomorrow.  Miss S went to the ski hill to try out skiing for the first time and the little two and I went to the zoo to enjoy the fresh air and to visit some animals.

Since I wasn't able to make it to the hill Mr. Quiltapotamus took some pictures and emailed them to me of Miss S on the hill (isn't technology AMAZING?!?!).

Miss S getting ready to give it a try!

I was assured that she was just 'resting' when this picture was taken and it wasn't immediately after a wipe out.

Miss S had so much fun on the 'little hill' that she was really excited to hit the 'big hill', but that will be saved for a few more visits from now - apparently she has no fear and I'd rather her not be streaking down the hill doing mach 40 without knowing how to stop anytime soon!!

The little two and I hit the zoo today and it was a fantastic visit today!  It wasn't too busy, it wasn't too cold, it was perfect.  Miss L made it very clear we had to go see the Hippos - and they were quite accommodating by hanging out right in front of the viewing area.

Last year our zoo opened a brand new penguin exhibit with a large area outside for the penguins to roam around in.  These guys were right up against the glass and very much enjoying the cooler weather.  They are so funny to watch!

Probably my favourite animal at the zoo is the anteater - they just seem like a funky, rather large animal and their tails are stunning!  90% of the time when I'm at the zoo they are curled up in their little buckets like great big cats with their tails draped over themselves - thankfully today they were walking around and I got to show Miss S and Mr C what Mommy is always looking at in the big bucket.

On a sewing note I did manage to get ALL of my HST cut and sewn together for my Hemming Diamond quilt last night.   I need to press the final 30 or so open and then the fun task of squaring them all up starts!

I'm a little torn between finishing the Party Monster quilt and Eye Spy quilt since they are both SO close to being done before I work on my Hemming Diamond quilt some more.  I'm itching for a finish and I'd love to be able to knock off two quits so quick in the year.  I'll keep you posted and hopefully I can post some FINISH pictures soon.

Thanks for stopping by - see you tomorrow!

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  1. Forget the sewing for now, Kari, and just enjoy your kids as you're doing. We used to love to ski with our children when they were small and the zoo, or course, is always fun. Your kids will grow up soon enough and then you'll have lots of time to sew.


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